Miracle 139 International

Improving the lives of children with special needs internationally
through awareness, training and support. 


Our teams of specialists provide training for the ‘trainers’ in schools and care facilities internationally. We strive to provide training that is relevant, sustainable and always evidence-based.


Our hope is that the global church becomes a more inclusive place for all persons, regardless of ability or disability. Our specialists assist with the development and training needs of special needs ministries internationally.


These brief video tips are specific to working with children with special needs and are designed to teach practical strategies that will help parents, caregivers, teachers and ministry volunteers. Now available in English, Spanish and Mandarin!

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Our Team

Miracle 139 International’s pioneering work in global special education training and special needs ministry development is only possible because of its dedicated and innovative Core Committee leaders.  Contact us if you’d like to join one of our Core Committees to be part of this life-changing mission.

Linda Martin, MME, MT-BC

Founder, President

Grants Committee Volunteer Recruitment & Development Committee

Marisa Bajenski, MA

Volunteer Recruitment & Development Committee

Michelle Lopez, BS

Volunteer Recruitment & Development Committee

Rebecca Ruiz, MA, BCBA

Research Committee

Curriculum Committee

Robin Warkentin, MA

Curriculum Committee

Adam Lanser, BA

Marketing & Media Committee


Whether it’s a gift of time, talents, or resources, you are an invaluable part of our mission. Thank you for impacting the lives of children with special needs around the world through your generosity.



It costs approximately $30 per student trained. Your investment in one student’s life means they will have access to accommodations and multi-sensory learning strategies that will better enable them to reach their learning potential.


Miracle 139 International focuses on ‘training the trainer’ to ensure teachers receive regular training in best practices in special education. It costs approximately $300 annually to train one ‘trainer’. By sponsoring a trainer, you will be making an on-going impact in international special education.


Our Travel Teams consist of specialists from the US who want to share their expertise with others around the world. Our specialists include Special Educators, General Educators, Therapists (Speech, Occupational, Music and Physical Therapists), Behavior Specialists and Psychologists. It costs approximately $2000 to send a Specialist abroad per training trip.

SN Tips Videos

Out tips videos are a practical yet effective way to share best practices in special education with others around the world. Each 2-4 minute video is translated into multiple languages and will benefit anyone working with/interacting with persons with special needs. Your donation of $250 will help us add another special needs tips video to our growing library!

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