Miracle 139 International - Projects Timeline












Linda Martin takes first training trip to Cusco, Peru, to help provide training at a school for children with disabilities. The immense needs are realized.


First scouting trip to Asuncion, Paraguay.  Doors open up at the Ministerio de Educación (federal) to provide training that will impact the country of Paraguay.  Zap and Linda Martin move to Paraguay for 3 months for information gathering and relationship building.

  • March 2016- IM139 sends its first full team of specialists for an intensive training with 80+ education trainers in Asuncion, Paraguay.
  • April 2016- Miracle 139 International becomes its own 501c3 non-profit organization
  • IM139 sends a second team of specialists to Paraguay for Phase 2 training
  • First scouting trip to Lima, Peru. Doors open with SAANEE, the team of trainers who oversee special
    education inclusion in Peru.
  • Linda Martin & Janice Chan make first scouting / training trip to three cities in China. Relationships are
    built in local universities and at an orphanage in Xiamen, China, for children with special needs.
  • April 2017- Second scouting trip to Lima, Peru
  • Aug 2017- Phase 3-4 training in Paraguay
  • Aug 2017- Phase 1 training with SAANEE in Lima, Peru
  • First special needs ministry conference hosted at La Vida Nueva church in Lima, Peru.
  • Video resource library is launched with first 10 videos, each translated into English, Spanish and Mandarin.
  • Phase 2 training with SAANEE in Lima, Peru.
  • First special needs ministry training at Camino de Vida church in Lima, Peru. This megachurch has 7
    locations in various regions of Lima. Each church provides some level of special needs inclusion.
  • Creation and distribution of the first MAK kits (Ministry Activity Kits), designed to help children with disabilities to be actively engaged in the children’s ministry setting.
  • Phase 2.5 training with SAANEE in Lima, Peru.
  • 1-day special needs ministry conference held at Camino de Vida church in Lima, Peru.
  • First virtual training held via Zoom- interpretation was offered in Spanish and Mandarin
  • Over 500 registrants signed up to receive the training
  • 36 different countries were represented
  • First Facebook Live trainings offered, designed to support parents and teachers during at-home learning as a result of the Covid pandemic